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March 2014


I love combining sneakers with skirts and dresses.  When the skirts/dresses are long, I  always try to make sure I have a slit in the skirt to make the look a little more feminine.  BUT even without sneakers.. I love a good slit for the simple fact that you get to show off your SHOES.  If they complete your look… you should be able to see them right?

This skirt fit the bill in more ways than one.  I scored it at Zara during their clearance sale about a month ago.  I loved the sheer overlay and the double slits.  It has a lot of movement when walking which is fun AND I didn’t have to alter it! Talk about a score.  I went all black with it and snuck in some white Marants for my black and white look (read about the trend in 002Magazine’s FATFINDS page here).  It’s a super easy daytime outfit to run around in and trendy too.

click here , here, and here for a few other skirt options to create a similar look.


Photographed by: Collin Kelly

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