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October 2014



Not sure if you’ve been paying attention lately.. but it seems the party is slowly moving away from the arm and on to the fingers.  Whether you are stacking up on one finger or connecting all of your fingers together with one piece.. I’ve got you COVERED!  Sure you can create your FING-BLING with rings you already have but why not add another piece to your collection.  And if you are like me.. pregnant (I know… what are the odds) then you should definitely join the party since the only things that fit right now are jewelry, shoes, jackets and purses. ha!

1. Eddie Borgo 5-Finger Ring:  Eddie Borgo has slowly crept up and become one of my favorite jewelry designers.  I used this piece for the October photoshoot with 002 Magazine and have also sold it to a client.  I know the connection to the thumb might freak a few ppl out but it is ridiculousy easy to wear and a total eye catcher.  It’s available in silver, gold, and rose gold.  (On a side note: if you are interested in buying this piece I’ve noticed that Neiman Marcus sells all 3 colors for $50 less than other websites: FATFIND)

2.  Maison Martin Margiela Hammered Ring Set:  Basically the same concept to create a hand piece but without the chains.  I love the mixed metals and the fact that you can wear all at once or just one or two.  And to think outside the box, try stacking a couple on one finger to make a cage like #8.

3.  Eddie Borgo 3-Finger ring: Another Eddie Borgo favorite of mine.. that I now own :)  Since the rings are so dainty, it’s easy to layer your own rings and midi rings on top of it creating your own finger party.

4.  Jennifer Fisher Double Handcuff Ring:  The handcuffs make this a little more interesting than the typical band.  It is intended to be worn on ONE finger (the knuckle and base of your finger) but you can also wear it on 2 fingers with the chain connecting the 2 fingers like the Eddie Borgo finger rings above.

5.  Eddie Borgo Gold Hand Jacket:  You know I always have to throw in a GO BIG OR GO HOME item, and here it is.  This covers the midi, the rings, the palm cuff, and the bracelet all in one!  (If  someone owns this please tag me in your picture so I can be jealous!)

6.  Arme De L’Amour Set of Four Rings:  Ummm this set is SICK.  The rings are sized larger (forefinger) to smaller (pinky) and when all are worn at the same time there are no words to describe how insane it looks.

7.  Maria Black Double Harper Ring:  this ring takes the thought out of having to create your own stack.  If you are more conservative but still like the trend.. this might be the ring for you.

8.  Pamela Love Double Cage Ring:  It’s like the hand jacket but for your finger.  If the double cage ring is “too much” for you, this ring is also available as a single cage as well.

9.  Elizabeth and James Acrtic Ring:  I feel like this is a structure version of #3.  Dainty and easy to layer with your own pieces.

I hope this has inspired you to create your own FING BLING.  Check out my Instagram Page to see how I created my own FING BLING with my Eddie Borgo 3-Finger Ring!


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